Economic Recovery Prospectus

Group of people in business attire on a sloping iceberg reaching for a couple at the top holding a fixed Heriot-Watt flag


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unparalleled global health and economic crisis. The impact of this is ongoing and countries across the world now face the difficult prospect of restarting their economies.

In response to this, Heriot-Watt University have developed a Prospectus for recovery and growth, illustrating our dedication to supporting the global recovery efforts in relation to Covid-19. As we rebuild, Heriot-Watt University aims to maximise opportunities for innovation, solve significant issues and drive impactful socio economic benefits.

Reimagining our future


Our Prospectus sets out our commitments to an inclusive and sustainable recovery in all of our locations. We will evolve our organisation through new initiatives and partnerships, refocusing our research agenda, prioritising commercialisation and delivering new educational programmes that help people develop the skills and expertise they need to prosper.


The challenges and opportunities we face as a society post Covid-19 will require a wide range of responses and a strong collaborative approach. We are driven by pragmatic, solution-focused approaches, which are distinctly global. Building networks to support collaboration and seeking opportunities to tackle the needs of industry and society.

Economic Recovery Prospectus cover depicting people involved in growth activities

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We call on Government, Industry and Communities and invite you to join us in reimagining a new future. One that places a sustainable green economic recovery at its core, and which drives innovation, job creation and talent development. Enabling a positive, lasting contribution to the communities in which we operate.

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